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We know finance, development and design. Trust our team to screen and recruit the best fintech professionals across Europe and Switzerland for placement within your organization.

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We provide recruiting and screening services for enterprises in the financial services industry. Our team will work closely to understand your needs in order to deliver a set of qualified applicants for you. Our expertise and knowledge of both the fintech domain and the skills required will help to save you time and resources while also helping you to improve the quality of your staff.

Our team has many designers on staff that have worked for years in the financial services domain. We put this design experience to use for both screening and networking

Team members have delivered many fintech projects across many different development platforms and stacks. this development expertise uniquely positions the team to quality applicants and really focus on the right attributes and skills needed to be successful

We recruit talent for placement in locations across Europe including Switzerland, Germany, France and the United Kingdom

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Developers for financial services

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About Windmill Partners

Based in Switzerland, Windmill Partners provides recruiting and screening services for enterprises in the fintech industry.

About Windmill Partners

Let us save you time and help you staff your projects and opening with highly skilled financial services staff.

Our team can help you fill positions in design, development and project menegement

Supporting your fintech recruiting needs

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Windmill Partners provides recruiting and screening services for enterprises in the fintech industry

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